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  • Thousand Islands Race 2018
22. 9. 2018

Thousand Islands Race 2018

We have attended the 6th Thousand Islands Race with VO 60, Clean Sport One. We managed to take a lead, bud decided to abort the racing due to technical issues. 

24. 9. 2018, 1:35

CleanSportOne is planning to stop at Sali and wait for more stable wind conditions. We will notify the race comittee if we will start the motor before Sali. We are planning to continue the race at that point.


24. 9. 2018, 6:00

We have managed to sail to Sali. We are porting in Sali and will report when we continue with the race.


24. 9. 2018, 14:22

Due to weather report and technical issues CleanSportOne retires from racing. We wish all participants safe and quick sailing!