• DIGIT 2006 - Mariborčanka Cup

    Members of the "Moja posoda" team: Bojan Kar, Kristjan Magdič, Marko Rataj, Uroš Razpet, Kristian Ravnič, Simon Ravnič, Boštjan Vlaovič. Date: 28. 10. ... [več]
  • VITEL: Content and Networking

    The objective of the Symposium, organised on the occasion of Hevreka!06, is to bring together experts from around the world involved in research, ... [več]
  • DIGIT 2006 - Celjanka Cup

    We have attended regata Celjanka in the Adriatic Sea. We have named this trip "Man of the boat", due to our 3rd place in the "Man Over Board" ... [več]
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