29. 3. 2001

Job Fair in Zagreb

IEEE SB Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb organised in a cooperation with BEST and KSET student club a Job Fair.

I was invited to prepare a lecture about the Extra Skills of a young Engineer searching for his/her first job. I have presented my lecture "IEEE_Engineer in the New Millennium" on the 29. March 2001.


Job Fair001-mid

Lost in Zagreb

Job Fair002-mid

Rescued by Aleksandar

Job Fair003-mid

Student booth at Job Fair

Job Fair005-mid

Portugees reunion

Job Fair006-mid

Look at Job Fair booths

Job Fair007-mid

Filipe, Vitor, and Aleksandar on the "top" of the Zagreb

Job Fair008-mid

Best known church in Zagreb

Job Fair009-mid

Jasmina, Filipe, Aleksandar, Damir, and Vitor

Job Fair010-mid

Boštjan and Zagreb's Opera House

Job Fair011-mid

Getting to know local people

Job Fair012-mid

Igor's introduction to my presentation

Job Fair013-mid

Engineer in the New Millennium speech