21. 9. 2000

Local IEEE Student Paper Contest

Local IEEE Student Paper Contest (SPC) was held during the 9th Electrotechnical and Computer Science Conference ERK 2000. The conference is held in the beautiful Portorož, Slovenia.


ERK-2000 Kart 01-mid

ERK-2000 Kart 02-mid

ERK-2000 Kart 03-mid

ERK-2000 Kart 04-mid

ERK-2000 Kart 05-mid

ERK-2000 Kart 06-mid

SPC-SI-2000 01-mid

SPC-SI-2000 02-mid

SPC-SI-2000 03-mid

SPC-SI-2000 04-mid

SPC-SI-2000 05-mid

SPC-SI-2000 06-mid

SPC-SI-2000 07-mid

SPC-SI-2000 08-mid

SPC-SI-2000 09-mid

SPC-SI-2000 10-mid

SPC-SI-2000 11-mid

SPC-SI-2000 12-mid

SPC-SI-2000 13-mid

SPC-SI-2000 14-mid

SPC-SI-2000 15-mid

SPC-SI-2000 16-mid

SPC-SI-2000 17-mid

SPC-SI-2000 18-mid

SPC-SI-2000 19-mid

SPC-SI-2000 20-mid

SPC-SI-2000 21-mid

SPC-SI-2000 22-mid

SPC-SI-2000 23-mid