25. 11. 1999

Leadership Training Workshop

Student Branch (SB) Passau had its 10th anniversary this year (1999). On that occasion they prepared a big party on 25. November and a Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) on 26. November. We received invitation for the party through region 8 SB mailing list. Since all of the officers were really busy with other activities and their studies, we thought that we won't be able to send a representative of our student branch. We promoted the event through our student members mailing list, but didn't receive any response. After the first invitation to the party our past president of SB Maribor, Ale"s "Casar, met Gerald Anleitner of SB Passau on IRC. Gerald is also the past president of SB Passau and the main organiser for the event. Ale"s learned that there will be also a Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) held at that occasion. Gerald also sent him official invitation. Originally they invited student branches from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now we were even more eager to join them in celebration and LTW. Luckily my plans have changed unexpectedly, so I was able to go. Great, I said, and started planning for the trip. I was even more excited, because this was my first trip as IEEE SB Maribor representative. Since I'm chair of the SB, I knew all of the problems and plans of our SB and was really looking forward to meet other chairs and R8 student representative. I knew that they are more experienced and that I will be able to learn a lot. I was also looking forward to meet them personaly. Since e-mail communication is taking over nowadays, it's really great to meet people with same interests and discuss them personaly.


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