23. 10. 2006

VITEL: Content and Networking

The objective of the Symposium, organised on the occasion of Hevreka!06, is to bring together experts from around the world involved in research, development, construction, and operation to discuss the currently most relevant issues in telecommunications. VITEL 2006 is therefore going to focus on problems of content generation and provision as well as problems of content access via existing and future electronic communications networks. The Symposium has the ambition to set up a forum to discuss the related technical, regulatory, social and economical questions and come up with some viable concepts and multidiscipliary approaches to cope successfully with the emerging challenges.

Areas covered include:
Creating content, Social implications, Content access authorization and authentication, Content distribution rights management, Telecommunication infrastructure associated requirements for content, Suitability of networks for content distribution and exchange, The role of regulation.

VITEL Programe Committee