9. 10. 2017

49th Barcolana 2017

We have attended 49th regatta Barcolana that broke the World Record in the number of the participants which was 2101. We have sailed with the JustinTen Pila and managed to finish 12th in the group 4 that had 234 registered boats. Overall we have finished 116th, which we consider to be a great result with the existing sail wardrobe.


  1. Matic Kovačič, skipper,
  2. Jošt Sodnik, #1, 
  3. Andrej Metljak, #2
  4. Boštjan Vlaovič, pitman
  5. Peter Brajnik, trimmer,
  6. Luka Čoga, trimmer assist
  7. Rok Zevnik, main